Road Construction Accidents Causes Accidents

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Road construction is an overwhelming situation every driver faces. The first sight of orange barrels and construction workers leaves any driver frustrated. Closed roads and detours are everything drivers want to avoid during their daily commutes. The reality of the situation is that road construction is something that we all have to deal with because it affects a large population of individuals. Beyond all the frustration, road work is very serious and causes many problems. Road construction is such a common part of driving, it appears many motorist forget the dangers associated with work zones. Patience is not something most drivers have, and most drivers do not slow down to wait for construction. The lack of patience puts the construction workers and other drivers in danger as they do not stop or pay attention to the road. Construction road work is a stressful situation that puts everyone involved at risk. Road construction accidents are a problem caused by following too close to the leading vehicle, failing to slow down, and incorrect lane changes First, one way road construction causes accidents by failure to slow down when entering work zones. Work zones on the road put construction workers and drivers at risk. Neighborhood repaving, bridge repairs, and road repairs have the number of accidents on the rise. Motorist have to maneuver around construction workers, barrels, signs, and deal with lane changes. Keeping all these factors in mind, many

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