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After an overnight flight and a six-hour time shift, our Calvary Church delegation received warm greetings at Lyon Saint-Exupery Airport in France, a 70-minute flight southeast of Paris and a 60-minute drive to our home-base city of Grenoble.

Later that afternoon, our troop rode the commuter train to the heart of Grenoble on a historic city tour. Sometime afterward, Missionary Roy asked, “How many Muslims did you see in town?”

“Very little,” I answered. “We spotted more Muslims last year.”

The missionary, now in teaching mode, countered, “About 50% of the people you noticed today, were Muslims.”

Our ministry partner steered us toward people watching as a missionary would.
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In addition, our squad ascended, with SUVs, the rest of the way up the mountains to a ski resort town, Les Deux Alps (The Two Alps), elevation 5,400 feet. Sometime in the past, a spiritually minded soul erected a cross at the other end of this winter vacation land which overlooks the snow-capped mountains 11,800 feet high.

Returning to Grenoble, our mission team began our primary ministry, prayer walking. Before executing ministry in any area, we “surrounded the area with prayer” one to two days in advance.

We interceded in three locations. First, in a poorer immigrant Islāmic neighborhood of apartment buildings where drug dealers hang out. Nevertheless, Roy participates in a kid's club there which ends the school year with a carnival for the kids and a neighborhood-sized barbecue for them and their parents.

Building on prayer preparations a couple of days earlier, bands of three formed. Accordingly, two Americans plus one translator, knocked on doors of families whose children take part in the club and passed out invitations. As a result, a woman invited one team in. The mother received a phone call saying a college had accepted her daughter into a nursing program that she had prayed for. Consequently, the mother attributed the answered prayer to the visit of our group.

To keep a rapport, the resident's guests invited the woman to come to say, “Hello,” at the barbecue. The Muslim woman and

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