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Capital is the source of fiancé through which resources are provided. It may be debt financing or equity financing. The cost of debt financing is interest which is the before tax cost of capital, while after tax cost of capital is r (1-t). If the interest rate or yield to maturity is 6.5% and the rate of tax is 40%, it means that before tax cost of capital is 6.5% and after tax cost of capital is 3.9%.
In equity finance the cost of capital is dividend. If the rate of dividend is 10%. The after tax cost of capital and before tax cost of capital are same, which is 10% as there is no tax shield available, as the dividend is not the expense, rather it is distribution of profit. The cost of equity
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But as the whole amount is not needed at the start of the project, but is financed gradually in three years time therefore the interest has been calculated accordingly.

Road King Trucks Case Analysis

This paper is an analysis of Road King Trucks’ new project which is introducing a new product into its product line. I will decide whether run the project or not. Six issues will be discussed as follows 1) importance of energy cost; 2) project’s cash flows; 3) cost of capital; 4) choose an engine 5) evaluation 6) accept or reject.

We should accept the project because of the positive NPV and high IRR. We will gain $532 million in wealth which is a big money on the scale like this. The company has a bond rating of AA that makes the risk relatively low. So we should definitely say yes.
Importance of Energy Cost
Road King Trucks, Inc. is a truck manufacturing company. The new CEO Michael Livingston arranged a meeting with the firm’s top managers and engineers considering introducing a large, public transit bus into its current product line. As the oil prices keep going high and have no sign of decreasing. Mr. Livingston thought it would lead people more likely to use public transportation.
The price of gas has gone up for the 30th day in a row, and with it tempers are rising. Increased demand for public transportation is expected to continue into the spring [1]. The impact of high oil

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