Road Not Taken Obstacles

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“Adventure” and “The Road Not Taken” have similar stories with characters that go through the same obstacles. In Robert’s poem and Sherwood’s short story, they both have characters that come to a fork in the road. Thus, the characters have to make a difficult decision that will change their future and life. In “The Road Not Taken”, the traveler must choose from two roads to continue. The traveler does not know what to do, and the traveler stands there pondering his decision. The traveler has a big decision to make, and the traveler chooses the road less traveled by. Moreover, this decision was life-changing for the traveler. For example, “I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference” (McMichael 1132). The traveler’s decision…show more content…
Ned loved Alice, but he ended up moving to Cleveland for a brighter and better future. Robert and Sherwood wrote stories with characters that had to face obstacles, and those obstacles were making decisions that would change their lives. Another similarity between these stories is “The Road Not Taken” is represented in “Adventure”. For example, the traveler (Ned) has to choose from two roads. This is like the poem “The Road Not Taken” because the two roads Ned has to choose from are to stay in the country (Winesburg) or take a chance in the city. A lot of people in Winesburg choose to stay in the small town they grew up in like Alice and her family. Ned decides as the traveler to take the road less traveled by which is the city life. Moreover, Ned is like the traveler in Robert’s poem because Ned’s decision changed his life too. For example, “Then he was caught up by the life of the city; he began to make friends and found new interests in life” (McMichael 1266). Ned’s decision changed his life because the city has more people Ned can interact with and more passions to
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