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The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is an insightful poem, where he chose to represent his message by exploiting two roads as a symbol of a life decision. The author’s use of tone and literary devices such as metaphors and symbolism aid us in better grasping the message. The poem presents the obvious question of whether it is better to select a road in which many travel, or to select the road less traveled and discover it yourself. Consequently, the theme of the poem is about making decisions. The Road Not Taken is the best poem in the world because the theme is effectively recognized through the author’s tone, literary devices, and sound devices.
The author’s tone in the poem played a huge part in aiding us to recognize the poem’s theme. His
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A road is defined by the Oxford dictionary as a wide way leading from one place to another, but in the poem, the roads are a symbol for his life decisions. At first, we think that choice for the traveler should be as easy as just choosing a road, but there is a greater meaning. Through this use of symbolism, we discover that the struggle of choices is that occasionally we must let fate take the lead. The symbolism also suggests that it does not matter which road has been taken more but which is best for the person. Likewise, nature is used as a metaphor in the poem. In the first line, Frost says, “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood”, meaning that the woods are yellow signifying that it is fall. This could be a metaphor for making decisions over time, as you get older. The author’s use of metaphors and symbolism support the meaning of the poem and his…show more content…
The poem is made up of four stanzas of five lines, where every stanza respects an ABAAB rhyme arrangement. There is a similar syllable pattern throughout the poem, as revealed by the first line in each stanza having nine syllables. The rhythm of the poem is iambic, suggesting that there is a quiet syllable before a loud syllable. Repetition is another sound device that can be clearly identified in the poem, especially in the seventeenth line, ''Somewhere ages and ages hence.'' Correspondingly, assonance is the repetition of vowel sounds, while consonance is the repetition of constant sounds. They are often used throughout the poem, as established in the fourteenth line, ''Yet knowing how way leads on to way'' and the last line, “And that has made all the difference.'' The sound devices used by the author, effectively express and reinforce the meaning of the poem by the use of sound.
Overall, after analyzing The Road Not Taken, I came to understand that life is a combination of decisions and fate. It is full of decisions, some predestined, some decided on the spot. This theme of making decisions is effectively used by Robert Frost through his tone, literary devices, and sound
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