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The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost describes a physical journey of insight and learning. It is the figurative journey of the human spirit, as we travel through life making choices and decisions. The Road Not Taken is a metonym for individuality and the expression of it. So as we read and respond to the text, we see the physical journey contained becoming metaphorical, a reflection on our own lives and values. The poem's rhyming scheme provides regularity and a sense of direction in conveying the persona's physical journey. However the rhyming scheme differs from standard, indicating the unknown direction the persona will take, and reflecting the risk taking of non-conformity. We as responders are immediately placed in the same position…show more content…
He educates us about the futility of journeys, that although the paths may be different the destination is often the same. He is asking the responder to apply this to our own life, and is encouraging us to take the risk and follow the deserted, alternative path. We are taught that it is the journey not the destination that matters, as we are travelers through life, constantly undergoing the experiences of the adventure. The poet sees himself "telling this with a sigh somewhere ages and ages hence", explaining that his choice of path for his physical journey through life will influence his future for years to come. He is warning us to not make decisions lightly, and consider the outcomes of our choices. The poet is also questioning the responders thoughts as to what may have happened is a person had journeyed another ‘path' of life, and so we momentarily evaluate our own lives. The role of fate plays a part in the physical journey, as detours distinguish between the real physical journey and the initial ideal journey. The poem acts as a catalyst for a reflection by the responder, essentially providing the responder with a chance to engage with change or new direction in life. The extended metaphor of the poem for decision making allows us to consider our outlook in life, and whether we take a conservative view in our choices, or are willing to take risks. As we

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