Road Rage

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19 March 2012 Life during the Holocaust: Life in the ghettos, Dr. Mengele’s medical care, and food in the camps Genocide during WWII was unbelievably cruel and awful. The Holocaust was sure to be remembered from this time period and have permanently engraved horrible memories into those who survived. During the Holocaust many victims suffered while living in the ghettos, soon to reach the camps they also suffered there as well. The encounters with Dr. Mengele were unbearable too. Elie Wiesel’s memoir Night is very important especially the fact that it accurately describes what really happened during the Holocaust. One of these many reasons is that Wiesel was an actual survivor of the Holocaust. His descriptions of his experiences in the…show more content…
Mengele (a typical SS officer: a cruel face, but not devoid of intelligence, and wearing a monocle); a conductors baton in his hand, he was standing among the other officers” (Wiesel 29). From this moment on Elie stood frightened like never before. Dr. Mengele being head of selection process only took the fittest people to work. For this process you would want to be between the ages of 16-40. Elie Wiesel and his father lied about their age to make sure they would make it through selection. Elie was 15 but said he was 18 and his father was 50 but said he was 40. Without lying they probably would have both been selected to go to the crematories (Wiesel 30). Elie Wiesel remembers when Mengele was selecting more victims but just by marking their number down. Luckily Wiesel was not selected but more or less hid his number from the doctor as he was running past. The end of the road was near for those who had gotten marked down in the doctors little book (Wiesel 68). Though selection was a big piece of the Holocaust so were the medical experiments held by Dr. Mengele on innocent victims of the Holocaust. His experiences are very similar in detail to others as well. Typically known for getting his reputation as an SS doctor at Auschwitz, Josef Mengele was also known for conducting medical experiments on those who suffered during the Holocaust. Dr. Mengele did many horrible experiments on those who suffered during the Holocaust. Dr. Mengele did many horrible

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