Road Reflective Essay

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Also, it has allowed me to develop my understanding of the characters in ‘Road’ because I was able to strip away the actions and the layers over the characters and truly look at their emotions and begin to understand them better. We also explored inner monologue. An inner monologue is the thoughts inside our minds as we try to figure out our lives; they include the sensations brought to us by our eyes and ears; and our sense of taste, touch, and smell; and the feelings they evoke. We looked at the scene between Brenda and Scullery on pages 23 to 24. We went through every line of the scene to find the subtext of everything that was being said. We started near the bottom of page 23 where Brenda says “Scullery”. We went through the script and annotated every line with subtext. We then read the script however, we had some people reading the subtext so that we were given the subtext and then it was applied to a character’s line. For example, I read as Brenda and on Brenda’s line “Eh, Scullery do you remember the alley wall”, I at first read it in a monotone voice but then when I was told subtext that Brenda was trying to be flirtatious I read the line with a higher pitch and elongated the “Eh” as if I were trying to be seductive. Through applying this technique in this way, I developed as an actor because I was thinking about how my character felt for every line and my voice was affected by the way I was thinking. I also allowed me to think about the need to consider the character’s inner monologue to make them more believable and more human so that I could fully achieve Stanislavski’s intentions. Through my application of the technique I discovered that Brenda is a very shallow character and it made me see…show more content…
The given circumstances are; ‘the story of the play, its facts, events, epoch, time and place of action, conditions of life, the actors’’ and director’s interpretation; and lighting and sound
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