Road Runner Food Bank Fights Hunger in New Mexico

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Road Runner Food Bank has been beneficial in fighting the war against hunger in the state of New Mexico. This organization assists in feeding an overwhelming number of people, including infants and school age children. It is truly a blessing for many. Hunger is a main concern for New Mexico. The co-founder of Road Runner Food Bank has taken an oath to stop this problem. This program distributes more than twenty three million pounds of food to our state a year. Although they have ran into some problems they have usually managed to overcome these obstacles. Road Runner Food Bank is an organization that stores and collects food for our state. They donate and feed the less fortunate people. The ware house is stocked with thousands of pounds of donated food that is distributed to the less fortunate. They ease the pain of hunger for our state which has been very beneficial for us. New Mexico’s Road Runner Food Bank is a non- profit organization. Their annual revenue is about $42,397,488. This is due to the fact that they have acquired a great amount of donors and sponsors over the years. They also hold several fund raisers as well as other special events for promoting and supporting the warehouse. Road Runner food bank has impacted our state greatly. They are an organization whose primary goal is to feed the hungry. The many volunteers and paid staff inspect the food donations on a daily basis to ensure the food is of good quality and that nothing has expired. Most recently

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