Road Safety Campaigns : How Safe Are You?

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Road Safety Campaigns: How safe are you? Every day many people become involved in road accidents. Some get killed, some just become injured where they have no use of a body part anymore. What really is the problem with the cause of these road accidents? Do people think that teenagers shouldn’t drive till they are older than sixteen? Do people think that as an elderly person they shouldn’t drive if they have certain health conditions? All of these questions can be answered but, they haven’t because this is an everyday problem they we deal with and might just have the answer of people just need to be safer on the road. What really is the problem with road safety and can there actually be a solution to it rather than careless driving and age excuses? Are the prevention campaigns and advertisement actually working on the prevention of people being unsafe? What is a road campaign? As the “Webster’s” dictionary quotes “A road safety campaign is part of a set of activities that aim to promote road safety use”. ( We might be able raise awareness of an issue or a claim to inform or improve the news Laws of road safety, by using mass media advertising or just by putting up campaign signs on the highways of major roads. The effects of this idea might need to be supported with the government or even the community by their support so that road safety can start to decrease and become safer. A campaign is very important to the road safety advertisement to get
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