Road To Chlifa Essay

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Usually, wars start for the gain of land, to solve disagreements and conflicts in a country or between many. The book The Road to Chlifa by Michele Marineau, develops the idea that wars do more damage than fixing. This is proven through the characters of Maha, Bechir, and Karim. In the book, Maha loses her family because of a bombing in the area where she lived. Bechir loses his best friend, Karim because he has to emigrate to France with his family in order to survive. Finally, it is proven through Karim, a boy who grew up in a war zone and never knew peace. To summarize, wars cause more problems than the ones they solve.
Firstly, the war caused a huge problem to Maha, a 12-year-old girl, who lost her parents and her older sister after a bombing in the Muslim area of the city. Moreover, she has to take care of her younger brother who is 6 months old, while they threaten to separate her from him. Maha’s suffering is demonstrated when she explains to Karim, “What’s important is that I don’t have anything left to lose. Except Jad. You say we’ll be killed before we
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Karim feels inferior to others because he never knew the free and safe life. This is demonstrated when he states to Milad,”the problem is that we who are young never knew before. We’ve only known after, which is not a pretty sight.”(74) Karim wants to have normal teenage years, although he knows he cannot because he lives in a war zone. He blames the older generation for stealing his life after causing a war to such a beautiful country as Lebanon. Moreover, Karim feels jealous of the people who knew peace and the ‘’before’’ because they had the chance to live a good life. Living in a country where a war is going on can cause a big trauma to children because they witness a great violence and they do not get to live a safe
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