Road Traffic Congestion in Singapore Essay

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Straddling Bus (SB)
Current situation
Road traffic congestion is a major problem in Singapore and it results in delays in the transport system such as buses not reaching their destinations on their scheduled time. Because of that, it also results in commuters not getting to their destinations on time even though they already take the shortest route to their destinations. Although the governmental organisations are putting in effort to deal with transport capacity, the majority of the citizens are demanding for more efficient performance on travel time.

Otherwise, road users may face additional traffic-jam conditions that affect their value of time. Furthermore, public transport users may tend to pay additional transport fees to avoid the
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It is able to speed up to 55 km/h and it can have a pay load up to 20 thousand pounds. This allow moderate of up to 400 people to travel each time.

Details of Service
Straddling bus is a double decker bus which provides passenger a complacent and thrilling experience. It is designed to minimize the travelling time for residents. The Station of the SB is required to implement from the bus stop to establish the future SB transport. All passengers are required to board and alighting SB at station of the bus floor height similar to station of an MRT. To provide a fair and reasonable transport, Straddling bus system keeps track of all residents’ location and destination to calculate the transport fee via ez-link card machine. Unlike buses, straddling bus will only provide transport within the residents areas, it will not travel high way such as Pan Island Expressway (PIE), Tampines Expressway (TPE) and East Coast Parkway(ECP).

Target Market
The SB is targeted at public commuters and those residents often encounter traffic jam. SB provides residents an additional transport to facilities their needs and overcome the limitation of traffic transports

Commercial Value

Figure 1: Market positioning map of Straddling Bus in Singapore

Referring to the cheap/lower efficiency sector in figure 1, Normal buses have become the major part of public transport. In order to cater to all
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