Roads Planning Essay

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Roads Planning Roads are skeleton of any town plan , or ,to vary the simile ,the arteries of the organisms through which the life blood of communication flows. The planner must necessary let the road engineer have the last word regarding road material , gradient camber ,super elevation, radii of horizontal and vertical curves , etc through he should be well aware of the technical factors governing them , and he should regard the traffic engineer or traffic planer as an indispensable colleague . This is not to imply that sheer traffic efficiency should be determinant in preparing the town plan ,for numerous other factors may well be of equal or greater importance , but certainly a Town Plan which dose not ensure the efficient flow of…show more content…
The office traffic may continue sporadically until about 10 a.m but by 9 p.m it has diminished greatly even on few specially heavily used routes , while else where it has virtually disappeared. Traffic then falls to a level well below the daily average , being made up of local delivery traffic , but the morning progresses flows tend to build up again as the business traffic increases , and a small quantity of shopping traffic joins the stream . By 11.30 a.m flows are usually about equal to average hourly flow for a sixteen –hour day ( 6am – 10pm) and the hour of 11am to 12noon is a useful period to assess this figure . Owing to the universal habit of lunching at some time between 12 and 2pm traffic declines again during this period although there may be short burst of 10 to 15min when flows are considerable . By 2 pm flow have returned to average. In the afternoon of typical weekday flows increase again because of commercial traffic .By 4 pm children are returning home from school , commercial vehicle are returning to their to their depots , and mothers who have been shopping are returning home to their children ; flows tend to increase appreciably at this time . Some manual workers finish work as early as 4.30 pm, but most do not finish until 5 pm or later; office worker tend to finish work between 5 pm and 5.45pm and so the evening peak period tend to be more compressed , with flows higher than in the morning . After 6pm much depend on
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