Roadside Dhaba Case Study

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Evolution and Commercialization of Roadside Dhabas The transformation of Dhabas from family sustaining measure to multi-million industry Submitted by- Navdeep Kumar Bhagat (35233) Harish Katole (35223) Evolution and commercialisation of Roadside Dhabas Dhaba, a word that comes to our mind when we talk about tasty and spicy food. A vast network of roads connects India. It forms the economic backbone of our great nation as passenger and commercial traffic moves along the well laid tarmac tracks. Like civilizations have evolved over time along the banks of great rivers; along the highways buzzing with traffic activity, dhabas have mushroomed. They…show more content…
Especially in Maharashtra, where spicy food is also listed under tasty cuisines. The Saoji community is very famous for spicy food. In Maharashtra, this community has its restaurants named as “Saoji bhojanalaya”. But considering the present scenario, these restaurants are slowly dying, and the number is decreasing rapidly. Now, people who were regular customers of Saoji bhojanalaya, were missing spicy thaalis. This pointed to the expansion of dhabas in Maharashtra. Moreover, there were some people who wanted to move from Saoji food to some other kind for the sake of change. Also, the transport from Punjab to other states is also an important reason of expansion of dhabas. Many times, the truck drivers used to make barbecue dishes in other states, which made others wonder about the love that Punjabis had towards food. This prompted other state people to open dhabas on roadsides (especially highways, because of the high traffic of trucks). And there were also truck drivers from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, who had their transport destination as Punjab. This is how information flow took place. This was a vital reason in dhabas being set up in other states. OUR STUDY Well on our way to study the evolution of the business model of dhabas we studied a few famous dhabas in Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Maharashtra and Delhi. As per study we tried to sort out the cuisines, ambience, cost, menu, quality, place and business model of these dhabas. What we found

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