Roaring Dragon Hotel : Good Management Qualities

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Managerial Communication Skills
Roaring Dragon Hotel: Good Management Qualities
Ranjith Anchuri (Student Id: ranchu8018) Sullivan University

Executive Summary
This proposal explains a thorough analysis on the good management qualities of organization. Major issue in the organization was the conflicts between management and their employees, which can be solved to get better performance and profits. These conflicts occur between management and employees are due to many reasons like cultural conflicts, inadequate training, and lack of understanding and strict management policies. Roaring Dragon Hotel (RDH) was state owned hotel in southern part of China and guanxi was integral part of RDH and its business. RDH was facing a strong competition from its competitors who had more westernized corporate oriented culture. The major issues of RDH management responsibilities are understating the different culture; employees, customers, market trends and effectively executing the good management qualities are addressed in the proposal. By understanding and adopting to the different cultures is the new way to develop management skills effectively is suggested. This method eliminates any unwanted miscommunications within the team and provides a platform to understand the how employee works in different cultures and thereby increasing the productivity of the organization.
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