Roaring Engines-Personal Narrative

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The Bet The sun was harshly burnt my face. I was at my uncle’s house that summer day just to hang out because he had some cool “toys” he wanted to show us. Anyway, there we were, me, my dad, and my brothers Aidan and Austin. “ Hey, I got some “toys” for you.” As my uncle said this, his garage, or workshop. Inside was a red, slightly scratched, slightly dented motorcycle. “ This is my latest project,” my uncle explained, “ It is not finished yet but it will probably be done by 3:00 later.” A couple of hours later, they finished, and my uncle took it for a ride. “It’s really loud.” I yelled over the roaring engine. “That is the point,” My dad said, “ The motorcycle is really loud because it is supposed to attract attention so nobody
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