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Case - Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley Q 1. What is your assessment of Parson’s performance? Should Parson be promoted? Parson equipped with ten years of work experience and networking skills was skeptical when he first got the invitation to join Morgan Stanley. He felt that he did not fit into the typical crowd. Our assessment of his strengths and weaknesses as mentioned in the table below. STRENGHTS WEAKNESSES Strong selling skills Lacks team player abilities Excellent networking capabilities Too aggressive Customer delight capabilities Volatile Makes things happen Lacks empathy Committed Does not adhere to rules Cooperative Progressive Creative Takes initiative Competent market and product knowledge Efficient ,…show more content…
He should explain that he is only fair and he wants to provide Parson with time to adjust to the culture of the company. And lastly Paul should take on the role of the mentor with more veracity and provide genuine feedback and reprimand him when needed. Paul Nasr should himself guide Parson or appoint someone solely for this purpose on the ways of dealing with situations where Parson is facing difficulty in adjusting the team’s style of working. Initially Paul Nasr should appreciate Parson’s accomplishments for the organization and the hard work that has gone in for achieving it. Knowing your clients and their requirements shows the interests Parson has in his Clients and successfully making the deal and selling the product or the solution. The positive attitude, product knowledge, cross selling, technical expertise, that Rob possesses, all lead towards the goal of being a ‘business getter’ and this would be the basis for a successful managing director. But all this should not be at the cost of losing out on the company’s goal of being a ‘One-Firm firm’. It is important that Rob aligns himself to the company’s goal. He should integrate his efforts with that of his team’s and share the areas of common expertise without causing a loss to the organization. This can only be achieved when he would start paying more attention to his interpersonal skills and professionalism at work place. As a

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