Rob Parson Essay

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Rob Parsons: A Morgan Stanley Case Analysis

Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Fall 2012

Eric Potter
Lindsay Hoh
Ehsan Rashid
Kwan Soo Myoung
Kyle West

I. Parsons’ Performance Assessment
Overall, Rob Parson’s performance at Morgan Stanley has been very strong when numbers are taken into consideration. In his time at MS, he has brought on new clients and expanded his division’s market share dramatically, increasing it over 10 percent. He has excellent repute with the clients and consistently creates new relationships with clients while also generating new opportunities for the firm. When it comes to sales, he creates a need for MS services even if there are none. Parson has
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His selling skills are also top notch. Parson has worked with clients and developed a product for them even if they initially didn’t think there is business to be had. His approachable attitude and eagerness to make client introductions offers a lot for Morgan Stanley. Customer relationships are everything in the banking industry in order to improve company performance and keep business sustainable.
It is also important to note that Parson accepted this job knowing full well what it would entail. He was aware that Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking and Capital Markets divisions were hardly recognized by competitors. The division’s poor performance in the past also resulted in a high turnover rate for the position. In order to turn the figures around Parson knew what had to be done and he was very hard working and committed to putting Morgan Stanley back on the map, even if this meant sacrificing relationships with his co-workers. While this clashed with the firm’s team oriented structure, senior managers also recognized what needed to be done and some understood that business could not be run as usual if the firm wanted to see change.
One other condition that was acknowledged when Parson accepted the principal role was that if he performed well he would be accelerated towards a managing director promotion. This promise was assured by Paul Nasr, a long time colleague. Both Nasr and Parson had previously worked together at a different firm. Nasr decided
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