Rob Parson and Morgan Stanley

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1. Introduction
Rob Parson had recently been hired by Paul Nasr, a senior managing director at Morgan Stanley as a principal in the Capital Markets Services division. The division had done very little business even with its most important investment banking clients. In particular the bank wanted to improve business with clients in the financial services industry. Parson was hired for his proven track record in this domain, for his relationships with clients and for his energetic and entrepreneurial approach. Soon after he was hired Parson started delivering results and played instrumental role in improving Morgan Stanley’s ranking and market share. He got first time business with several clients and increased business volumes from
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4. Resilience and Assertiveness– The tough clientele in financial services domain demanded one to be outgoing, aggressive to an extent and not someone who got bogged down easily. Parson personified all these qualities.
5. Responsive– Parson understood well the importance of being swift in your decision making when serving tough customers like the banks. Although this made him overlook the company norms on decision making, Parson’s alacrity did help earn business for the firm.
6. Result oriented– The faith expressed by Nasr in Parson was justified by the results that Parson delivered. His proven track record in banking and financial services was further substantiated by his single handed steering of the growth of MS from being rank tenth to rank second in the business.

As a person Rob Parson demonstrated the following interpersonal skills:
1. Client camaraderie- Amongst his clients Parson was known as someone fun to be around. Not only was he popular with them for his innovative methods and services, but as a companion too they found him amusing and interesting, and seek his company whenever they were in town.
2. Transparent- It is reported that within the firm Parson was always ready to share information with his colleagues and kept them updated on the new ideas he was coming up with.
3. Non Participative- Parson’s confidence and knowledge

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