Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley

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Rob Parson 's performance assessment
The performance assessment of Rob Parson should be separated into two parts, the external performance and internal performance. It will start by having an evaluation on Rob Parson’s current on job performance. The first part will focus on Rob Parson’s contribution to the company profit this year, which gives an overview of his general performance in fulfill his job requirement in Morgan Stanley. Then for internal , we would like to measure Parson internally that is how Rob Parson acts as a employee in Morgan Stanley including how Parson’s value and performance aligned with the values of Morgan Stanley?
Actually, in term of profit making, Parson has done a great job; he made significant gains in
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So if I were Nasr, for the first goal I would first go through the feedback from the 360 degree performance appraisal with Rob Parson. After going through both the strength and weakness sated on the feedback, I would give my own assessment to him and talk about his exceptional performance and production. Next, I would ask Parson how he feels about his job situation and possibly suggest ways in which he can change. In this area, I would like look more closely at his situation (those situation he breaks the rule) .For example, Parson think that in the fast changing business world, it is difficult to make a consensus with his co-worker before he takes action. And I would determine what should be the best action to take when face such situation. Then I would discuss the promotion with Rob Parson. I would explain to Parson that he needs to possess certain management and leadership skills in order to be eligible for that position. I would say that if he keeps up his production and creates goals to improve these skills, then he will be able to get the promotion. I would make sure that my tone will not to be too aggressive so that we don’t lose him, but also not too weak in emphasizing the organization’s values and culture. The promotion can be used as a developmental goal for Rob Parson to achieve if he is willing to set goals and develop his skills in the areas that need

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