Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley (a)

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Case Analysis: Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley (A)

1. Evaluate the effectiveness of the Morgan Stanley performance assessment and management system. The primary source of performance assessment at the firm is a multi-source 360 degree feedback tool. The secondary source is an employee’s self assessment. There are a number of issues as to why the primary tool is not effective in truly assessing the performance of an employee at Morgan Stanley. The first issue surrounds the reliability of the raters in the 360 degree process. The raters are from the Capital Markets group and other groups within the firm with little definition if the raters are all at the same organizational level. This calls into question inter-rater reliability
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He could have easily remedied this issue by outlining and communicating the goals of the organization, not just increased market share, and tying them to Rob’s performance evaluation. The second concern relates to Paul’s ongoing, objective feedback of Rob’s performance. As they have a manager-subordinate relationship stemming from a prior firm, Paul’s feedback to Rob regarding his performance is subjective and biased. Instead of communicating to Rob how he could have handled a situation differently based upon his own perspective, Paul should have been more objective in communicating how the firm wants and expects Rob to handle the situation. A management by objectives approach with appropriate goals and objective feedback would help to overcome some of the bias. The third concern pertains to development and training. It is not clear if Morgan Stanley has a cross-team training program in place. If one does exist and Paul is not using it to his (and Rob’s) advantage in the development of Rob then he needs to do so. If one does not exist, Paul needs to suggest to the human resources director that this type of training be made available to all his employees. Again, Paul does a poor job at this function. Paul faced a number of challenges in developing Rob’s success. One of the challenges was Paul’s own initial lack of understanding of the Morgan Stanley culture. A greater challenge was the lack of a clearly defined and understood

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