Robert Alexander's Autobiographical Essay: Make-Up

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Lipstick On the pillows

Once our paths crossed, it was only about two minutes later that I knew I had made a new friend who inadvertently seven years later would be my deepest ally. Robert Alexander has led a vibrant life trailed by, wonder, loss, and lots and lots of loose glitter. He stands 6’5 exuding an energy that doesn’t simply draw your attention, but entices one to want to know more. His face is a presentation of creativity and dexterity, with perfect shadings and contours. Confident, Insightful, Uncommon yet unpretentious are words one would associate to describe him. Yet underneath the layers of make-up is a man who fought through tooth and nail to be where he is today.
It all began like most do, with a boy and a passion. Only sixteen years old Robert had managed through distorting information and disingenuous measures had obtained exactly what he needed to begin his new life as a young Adult, A two bedroom townhouse close to the Las Vegas Strip, with a large floor plan and electricity. He was ready
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A day we both still treat as a holiday. Robert, now in is early twenties and a Senior Artist at The MAC PRO in Ceasers Palace. He has retired as an Airbnb host and travels often to New York and Seattle training make-up artists and freelancing for events. I hold him completely responsible for changing my life, as I now live on a small ranch called “ The Hippie Hideout” a place for Airbnb travelers to rest in comfort and zen, every colorful painting and floral curtain is thanks to my best friend, he directed me to what is now my passion. I not only manage my home but a small apartment near the Las Vegas Strip, and in November eagerly anticipate my journey to Melbourne, Australia, to begin my citizenship filing and seek out a new destination to open a Bed & Breakfast. As I sit here aside my best friend putting our tale on paper I can’t help but feel that he is beyond a friend but more of a soul
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