Robert Ballard : Exploration Of The Deep Sea

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Robert Ballard: Exploration of the Deep Sea Robert Ballard was one of the great explorers who discovered numerous secrets about the deep sea and science while encountering new creatures and natural resources as he explored and exchanged new ideas of using technology and incorporating it into his discoveries. Ballard is known for two of his most famous findings: the shipwreck of the Titanic and the Bismarck. The ideas of using technology to assist with his findings helped him create his own equipment with his team to find out more about the deep sea. The idea came from previous discoveries where he saw the Earth’s curst crack and how it affected marine life, geology and geophysics. This led him to become intrigued and continue on to more research to show the world the mysteries of the ocean. Ballard’s exploration of the deep sea provided encounters that led to a better understanding of plate tectonics and the environment, the use of technology to find historical treasures, and the preservation of history left behind in the deep sea. Robert Ballard was born in Kansas, but grew up in San Diego, California, and his fascination with the Ocean started with the tide pools. Once Ballard was 19 he got a job at the aerospace company’s Ocean Systems Group with the help of his father and the company was competing for a contract to build a three-man deep-ocean submersible and a few years after Ballard and his team worked on a submersible known as ALVIN, which was the first submersible

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