Robert Boyle's Law Lab Report

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Robert Boyle was an Irish philosopher, chemist, physicist, and inventor. He was born in Lismore, County Waterford, Republic of Ireland. He believed in corpuscularism, which stated that reality and change can be best seen through chemical experiments Two of Robert Boyle’s friends, Richard Towneley and Henry Power noted the relationship between volume and pressure before sharing it with Boyle. Robert Boyle was arguing against a scientist by the name of Franciscus Linus, who said that normal atmospheric air does not have any pressure. He and his assistant, Robert Hooke, made a J shaped tube to begin an experiment to prove that the pressure of air was significant. However, the tube constantly broke and their progress was temporarily hindered. Upon failure, they made a larger and and improved piece of apparatus. They hypothesized that the…show more content…
Neyra and I, under the influence of scientific curiosity, did the Boyle’s Law: Apparatus Lab to relate our results to the law. The lab places Boyle’s law into action to see if the lab results match up with the law. We hypothesized that the results of the experiment would correspond to the relation between volume and pressure established by Boyle. We began by setting up the cylinder apparatus by inserting the plunger into the cylinder and covering the plunger with a plunger platform. Once the apparatus was set, we began placing weights (pressure) and recording the volume in ml. To get a more accurate conclusion, we repeated the process four times. In fact, one trial consisted of adding consecutive number of weights (until four), and then removing them until there were zero weights left. Once we had our data recorded, we used the average of all trials to do calculations. After reading our data, we concluded that our hypothesize was very true to conclusions drawn by Boyle’s apparatus experiment. When there were more weights, the volume seemed to be smaller. However, once we started removing weights, the volume began to
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