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Matt Liebowitz Liebowitz 1 Mrs.Greenman English 1 23 May 2012 One of the Greatest Poets During the Victorian Era… Robert Browning is special in his own way because “when he was five years old he was proficient at reading and writing.” Also Robert read many of books. “In many poems he achieves effects of obvious felicity. The most memorable thing about Robert Browning’s life is that “he wrote an entire volume of the Byronic verse when he was twelve years old. His parent’s wanted to publish the volume.” He believed in Christian Faith. The life experiences of Robert Browning were fantastic. He was a great poet that…show more content…
“In 1845 he met Elizabeth Barrett and in May they discovered that they love each other. He was one of the best poets during the Victorian Era. When they spent there holidays they were either in France or England. He wrote a poem about his wife and also about love. As I said before Memorabilia is one of his poems. The poem means it’s about a person that died when he was ten. He was a great poet because he wrote a poem about a friend he lost. His feelings about this encounter to his feelings at “walking across a moor and finding an eagle’s feather. That means that he walked across a moor and picked up an eagle’s feather. “But you were before that.” This relates to him because he was living before he met Shelly. Shelly is the person that died when he was ten years old. “And you are living after.” This relates to him because he is still living after he saw and after the death of Shelly. “And the memory I started at.” This also relates to him because he still has the memories they first had with each other. Also he still has the most important memories they had with each other. The Wall is another poem by Robert Browning. This poem makes him a great poet because he’s expressing his feelings about the women he loves and that she’s the only one getting him through jail. The Wall is about him feeling trapped inside a cell and can’t come out. “Wall upon wall are between us.” This relates to him because he feels trapped inside the jail cell and can’t get to the girl

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