Robert Browning 's Life And Accomplishments

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Robert Browning was born on May 7, 1812 in Camberwell, England a newer suburb of London. He was born to the parents of Sarah Anna Widerman and Robert Browning Senior. Browning’s Father was a clerk at the Bank of England and his mother was the typical Victorian mother, where she took care of the kids and house. Browning was sent to a dame school before the age of five years old. There he would be removed from the school due to being superior academically over the other kids. Then he was tutored at home for the next two years of his life. Browning would return to a lower school at Peckham ran by the Ready sisters. At age fourteen Browning left prep school because he felt he had learned it all and went to read his father’s collection of books. From the age of fourteen until sixteen he was tutored at home once again where he was attended to by various tutors. Robert Browning would later on attend London University since he was ineligible to attend Oxford University because he was not a member of the Church of England. Browning would only last year before deciding to drop out of the university. Although Browning would only attend a year of college and be superior academically from the start as a young boy, Browning would discover his true calling for literature and become known as one of the people who forever defined the Victorian period through his works. Robert Browning’s beginning as a poet was rough. Browning grew up in a middle class family in the suburbs of London.

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