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ROBERT DOWNEY JR. DIAGNOSTICS PROJECT Robert Downey Jr.’s Diagnostic Evaluation Assessment Michelle Nguyen University of Texas at Arlington Mutiaxial Evaluation This diagnostic assessment evaluates Robert Downey Jr. previous lifestyle between 1996 and early 2001, before rehabilitation in late 2001. The following multiaxial evaluation is followed by different examples of each diagnostic criterion on the DSM-IV Axes and Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) scores. DSM-IV Multiaxial Evaluation Axis I: Bipolar II Disorder Drug addiction Major depressive episodes Alcohol abuse Impulsive Mood episodes Substance Dependence Abuse of heroin, cocaine, valium, and marijuana Axis II: R/O Axis III: None Axis IV:…show more content…
Axis II: R/O No personality disorders were discovered nor any level mental retardation. Axis II: R/O No history of medical or neurological conditions were found. Axis IV: Problems with Primary Support Group Robert Downey Jr.’s father was a drug addict and he was surrounded by drugs throughout his childhood, at the age of 8 his irresponsible father had let him smoke marijuana for the first time. His parents divorced at the age of 13, and Downey lived his irresponsible in Los Angeles for three years. Being surrounded by drugs, Dowey began using at the young age of 16. (A&E Entertainment). As Downey, was growing up, he was always surrounded by drugs because drugs became an emotion bond between him and his father. Downey said that, "When [his father and him] would do drugs together, it was like [his father was] trying to express his love for [Downey] in the only way he knew how." (A&E Entertainment). Problems relating to social environment- Robert Downey Jr. became an actor at a young age and because he lived in Los Angeles for a few years, he began to adapt to the Hollywood lifestyle. Becoming famous for many known movies, comes with the source of money which contributed to his cocaine and heroin access. (People). Problems relating to occupational stress- Being an actor, pressures of making great movies, along with the rich and dazzling Hollywood life, it became stressful for Downey and he began to use

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