Robert E. Lee: A Great Military Leader

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Lee began life in humble circumstances facing a life of trials through all the hardships in his life, Lee became and remains an American symbol and the ultimate icon in the American South. He has survived through many hardships including losing two grandchildren and even one of his seven children during the civil war. From his childhood to his death, he had problems with his family including; not knowing his father and having many siblings that his mother had to take care of alone. He was still a great man despite all of this.
Lee didn’t really speak of his childhood much so not a lot is known about it. (, Timeline: The Life of Robert E. Lee). Lee was the less than longed for fifth child of a mother in uncertain health and reduced financial straits. (Thomas, pg. 30). A known fact that is known is he was born on January 19, 1807 and his mother named him after her two favorite brothers. He is the son of Harry Lee and Ann Hill Carter although he only knew his mother because his father was seldom at home. He was only eleven years old when his father died and his mother died soon after he graduated from the military academy West Point. After Lee’s seventeenth birthday in 1824, he and his family decided to try and get him enlisted into the army.(, Timeline: The Life of Robert E. Lee).
During this time he was tested to see what skills he had, the results show that he was very good in all categories, but he was especially excellent in mathematics. When he was…

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