Robert E. Lee An Effective General Of The Confederate Army

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To What Extent Was Robert E. Lee an Effective General of the Confederate Army? Esta Bichler Period 4 Word Count: 2,191 Section 1: The focus of this investigation will be, “To what extent was Robert E. Lee an effective leader of the Confederate Army?” The investigation will analyze Lee’s strengths and weaknesses that contributed to his effectiveness and the overall loss of the Confederacy in the Civil War. The overall character of Lee throughout his lifetime is too broad, therefore, this investigation will focus solely on the testimony of his military background, and the personality traits that led to Lee’s decisions during the Civil War. As a result, Lee the American by Gamaliel Bradford Jr. and Robert E. Lee: The Soldier by Sir F. Maurice are important sources to this investigation, due to the background they give on Lee’s military training, personality, and victories in the battles leading up to Gettysburg. Source 1: Robert E. Lee The Soldier by Sir F Maurice. This source could be of value to historians due to its focus on Lee as a general and not necessarily about Lee in the civil war. The purpose of this book is not to debate the civil war, but to appreciate Lee’s role as the general. Therefore, the source is biased based on the authors clear appreciation of Lee. The source both gives facts about Lee’s life as well as information about Lee part in the civil war. The value of this source is the historians participation in the military and

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