Robert E Lee Analysis

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The article, declares about how people in the United States start to struggle on how white nationalist want hatred towards to so called other Americans. People want to confederate statue of Robert E. Lee, but people were against the idea so the resulted with violence. The author must have gathered the information through news and social media. The article specified on to the people who witnessed the protest for the statue and the nationalists who don’t want the other Americans in their country. The article expresses the violence towards the situation of the problem of the U.S today, approximating they demand blood dropped on this American soil. It’s very similar to the other article describing the violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The illuminates the word violence by seeing how people speaking in such animosity just for something our nation don’t believe in with such horrible violence and hatred.…show more content…
The author investigated the situation and gathering information on what appear on that day. The article specified on the certain groups who were against and supported the rally, like neo-nazis, the KKK and other racist groups and the people who disagreed with violence and hatred. The article clarifies on organizations act in violences, it relates to the previous article of white nationalists wanting to estrange other Americans. Citizens like them violated positive words that our nation stands for while this explains on violence that the people of Charlottesville. The article illuminates the word violence because people acted like animal and not human beings, even the pre-rally march was carried in acts of
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