Robert Frank: A Brief Biography

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Robert Frank was born in Zurich, Switzerland on November 9th, 1924. Frank's family life was very unstable with the constant threat of nazism, in which Robert turned to photography, to escape his home and business life. Robert was trained in photography by graphic desginers and a few photographers before actually creating his own work. Frank became well known for his book, The Americans. The Americans featured photographs taken by Robert Frank himself in the 1950s. Frank took photos of the "simple things" in life that also showed the hardships of american life such as, cars, jukeboxes and diners. Before Frank, took up his more casual style of photography and filmmaking, Robert was known for his photos in Harper's Bazaar, a well known fashion magazine in the 1950s.…show more content…
Frank even donated his work such as, negatives and contact sheets to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, which then founded the "Robert Frank Collection". In addition, Frank has won a Cornell Capa Award from the New York International Center of Photography and the Hasselblad Foundation in Sweden awarded Frank an International Photography Award, in
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