Robert Frost : A New England Poet

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Robert Lee Frost Known for being a New England poet Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, California on March 26th, 1874. Born to a New England father William Prescott Frost Jr. and a Scottish mother Isabelle Moodie who moved to the west coast from Pennsylvania after marriage (Bailey). Both his parents were teachers and poets themselves, but his father later became a journalist with the San Francisco Evening Bulletin (Bailey). Frost spent 12 years of his life growing up in San Francisco, until the age of twelve when his father William passed of tuberculoses. His mother having a hard time raising two children alone moved both Frost and his sister Jeanie with their grandparents to Lawrence, Massachusetts (Sullivan). Back in the east coast his mother began teaching at a local school to support the family, but Frost was embarrassed that she wasn’t a good teacher (Sullivan). Over time Frost became in love with reading, writing, and poetry. (Robert Frost) He worked hard in school, and fell in love with a girl named Elinor. Elinor was just as bright as him and came from a wealthier family (Beacham). In 1892 both Elinor and Robert graduated from Lawrence high school as covaledictorians. Elinor and Robert continued their dreams, and went to college, but after a semester he dropped out. For the next two years, he was a labor worker and wrote poetry (Sullivan). New England became the inspirations to all of his works of poetry. He published his first poem “My Butterfly” in 1894

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