Robert Frost: Design

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Written by Robert Frost, “Design” is a deeply philosophical poem that understands something too big to be understood by taking a small piece and understanding it and linking it to the universe at large, answers many of the largest questions that surround the universe while recognizing those questions may potentially be unanswerable, addresses the Argument from Design and the belief in a creator, describes the two concepts of Design, which can be metaphorically categorized both as an “engineering” term describing a rational plan for the universe or an “artistic” term describing an irrational plan for the universe, and the conflict of ambiguity. Robert Frost acknowledges the issues of human freedom, the purpose of God’s creation, and the…show more content…
Again, proving the existence of an all-powerful creator. After all, to fully understand a creator, you must study His creation. The poem describes the two concepts of design, which are categorized by the different types of people who use design in their work, and the conflict between the rational and the irrational. The first concept of design is described as an "engineering term". This is seen as precise, accurate, and thought-out. It implies a sense of order, purpose, and meaning to the universe, as well as a rational plan for the universe. It is the logical plan for all created things that indicates a degreed of command, objective, and significance to the universe. It signifies the existence of an all-powerful God that creates and circumscribes that mission and importance, and opposes any degree of chance, randomness, coincidence, and meaningless. In the poem, a rational universe can be interpreted through Frost's continual use of the color white. The second concept of design is described as an "artistic term". This is seen as free, inventive, and unthought of. This design evolved from the appearance of patterns with variation of course, suggesting a predictability to the universe. An "artistic" design is composed of image, color, and tone; elements of artistic creation or design. It allows not simply for rational mathematical analysis of universe, but for an intuitive interpretation of universe. It

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