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Robert Frost successfully taken reader's imagination on a journey through the wintertime with his poems "Desert Places" and "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening." Frost's New England background in these two poems reflect the beautiful scenery that is present in our part of the country. Even though these poems both have winter settings they contain completely different tones. One poem has a feeling of a depressing loneliness, and the other of feeling welcome. The poems show how the same setting can have totally different impacts on an individual depending on their mind set at the moment. These poems are both made up of simple stanzas and diction, but they are not simple poems, and could be easily misunderstood. In the…show more content…
The speaker is so alone inside that he feels that he is not a part of anything. Nature has a way of bringing everything together to act as one, even animals are a part of the winter. "All animals are smothered in their lairs, / I am too absent spirited to count." The snow makes everything around it white, and to him it is a feeling of numbness. "The loneliness includes me unawares." The speaker has seemingly lost his zest for life. He is unable to express his feelings easily because of this numbness, also he is in denial about feeling alone. He does not care anything about too much "They cannot scare me with their empty space." He is saying that no one cares how I feels, and that he does not need anyone else. "I have in me so much nearer home/ To scare myself with my own desert places." The speaker to realizes that he had shut himself off from the world. He recognizes that the winter place is like his life, because he let depression and loneliness be in his life and take over like the snow had sneak up on the plains and covered it. If he continues to let these dominate his life eventually everything would be exactly like what the snow does to nature. "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" is a much happier and more upbeat poem than "Desert Places," and the titles alone proves this. This poem is about stopping to enjoy life. "But I have promises to keep, / and miles to go before I sleep." The speaker

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