Robert Frost Poetry Analysis

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This poem was written by Robert Frost in 1923, in New Hampshire. He wrote it for political reasons because he was mourning the end of the world. It does not appear as it was origianally written. It was not part of a series or collection. It also does not belong to any particular movement.
This poem was not written about any person or national hero. It is not a lyric, or a haiku. It is, however, a conffesional poem, as it speaks of his opinion of the polotics of that time.
Yes, because, the title is obvious as it describes the main topic of the poem. No, there is really only one set meaning to the poem. There is no balance, as it mainly talks about the end of the world. There is really no obvious opposite in this poem. Yes, it mentions the garden of Eden in the poem.
The only repitition in the poem, that I could find, was when he mentioned leaves dieing.
This poem suggests the passing of day and the change of the seasons in this poem. The passage of day is obvious, with no gaps in between
The name Eden has value because Eden was a garden of holy perfection, "So Eden sank to grief" means that the world ends.
Yes, at first glance this poem appears to be about nature and the seasons, but if you take into consideration that he was unhappy with the politics at the time, things begin to make more sense.
Yes, because this poem shows that, at this point in time, the people where unhappy with the politics, and concerned about the current war
Yes, although, at first glance, this poem
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