Robert Frost Research Paper

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Everyone has morals in life. Weather learned from nature, family, or past experiences. Robert Frost is well known for using different themes to teach morals in his poems. He uses imagery, emotions, different views, symbolism, and ever nature, to help create an image in one’s mind. The morals that these different types of themes create will make the reader face decisions and consequences as if they were in the poem themselves. His morals can be found in the poems, “The Road Not Taken,” “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” “Out, Out,” and “Acquainted with the Night.” Robert Frost’s poetry uses different themes to create morals which readers will use in daily life. “He is fairly taciturn about what happens to us after death, partly because he finds so…show more content…
Emotion can also be seen in “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” In “Nothing Gold Can Stay” One may feel rejoiced or refreshed in the beginning, but towards the end, may have an almost depressed feeling. The feeling of rejoice can be shown in the first two lines, “Nature’s first green is gold/ her hardest hue to hold.” One may feel refreshed or rejoiced by this because the trees are turning green again, and looking new and fresh. But the feelings of being depressed can be shown in the last few lines. “So Eden sank to grief,/ so dawn goes down today./ Nothing gold can stay.” It sounds dreary and the end, which gives one the emotion of sadness, teaching the reader the moral of appreciating the little things. In “Out, Out” emotion is one of the main themes. Throughout the whole poem, the reader will notice emotion in not only the boy, but in an inanimate object as well. The saw in the poem is given human characteristics, including emotions. The saw is given human-like emotion in the following lines; “To tell them ‘supper’./ At the word, the saw, as if it meant to prove saws know what supper meant,/ leaped out at the boy’s hand.” In those few lines from the poem, it makes the reader think that the saw know what supper means, and gets excited when hearing the word supper, so it leaps out and cuts the boys hand. As if it was the saws fault and not the boys. When looking at the emotional aspect of
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