Robert Frost Symbolism

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Robert Frost is one of the most honored poets in America. Frost’s poetry is known to be often dark and symbolize the universe through nature. Countee Cullen is an important figure of the Harlem Renaissance. Cullen is known for his poetry, fiction, and plays. Both poets bring forth the recognition of the internal struggles in life. Robert Frost’s” Design” and Countee Cullen’s “Yet Do I Marvel” question God’s design of life on Earth. Although both poets struggle with the same internal conflict, it is expressed in different ways. It appears that Frost takes us down memory lane of an odd image he once saw, and Cullen rips a page out of his diary and shares it with us. One night, Frost witnesses the death of a moth. This involves a white moth, white spider, and a white heal-all flower. According to Frost, it was “Like the ingredients of a witches’ broth- “(Line 6). Wickedness and purity blended together resulting in a tragic outcome. This tragedy leaves the author searching for answers such as “What had that flower to do with being white” (9). A flower that is usually blue and so pure was the component of an awful sight. How could God allow this innocent creature to become prey? A spider disguised as a virtuous flower manipulates the moth’s judgment of its safety. Could God have taken his time to create such a discomforting image the author wonders? Cullen expresses his confusion on what is God’s purpose for life. He wonders why God keeps us blind to his actions and if we are
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