Robert Frost : The Love Of Writing Essay

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Robert Frost: For The Love of Writing There are and have been many great writers in the current day and throughout history. They all have different accomplishments, and most hold college diplomas. While Robert Frost didn’t receive a diploma from either of the colleges he attended, his success shows that it is not required. So what is it about him that many still consider him to be a great writer? What is it about his poems and writings? Are they only words, or do they hold something more…a deeper meaning perhaps? Robert Frost is considered a great writer because his poems posess a deeper look into life. He uses scenarios from the time period in which he was living. This included the simplicity and complexity of nature, animals, current events, friendships and his own life experiences. Some are cheerful and witty, while others are woeful. All of these poems, however different, have one thing in common – they all have a deeper meaning within. He is considered one of America’s most accomplished poets. Frost loved writing as he loved life, and his passion for it, was evident throughout his works. His poems have such emotion, and deeper meaning that one ends up finding themselves compelled to search for the hidden message. His use of imagery and tone of voice give one’s imagination a glimpse of something more than the obvious. An example of this is found in the poem “On a Tree Falling Across the Road ”, “The tree the tempest, with a crash of wood, throws down in front

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