Robert Frost 's Life Through Poetry

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March 23, 2016
Robert Frost Reflects Life Through Poetry
It is easy to express your emotions, and feelings through poetry. Which is exactly what Robert Frost has done through his entire career. Each poem Robert Frost has written, has meaning behind it all. He has gone through an extreme amount of events, and tragedies in his life. Frost has been through an unimaginable amount of losses, deaths, and loneliness throughout his years. Throughout his life his poetry has had a huge impact on him, the situations and losses, and emotions he had encountered in his life were expressed and showed throughout his poetry.
Robert had suffered from emotional and physical abuse throughout his childhood, which had caused him to live his life being apprehensive, and afraid. Even though these things had caused him to be emotionally unstable, and leave him fearful for his entire life; they had also allowed him to be one of the most incredible poets in history. Frost 's father was an alcoholic who had anger issues as well, one time he had whipped young Roberts’s legs repeatedly with a dog chain (Postema, 160). Frost was born in San Francisco, where he had lived for 11 years, until his father had passed away due to Tuberculosis in 1885. After his father 's passing, himself, his mother and his sister Jeanie had moved to Eastern Massachusetts. Isabelle Frost (Robert’s mother), had helped her family by getting a job to be a teacher, which allowed her to continue teaching and homeschooling her own
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