Robert Frost 's Poem Home Burial

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1. I feel more sympathy for the husband is Robert Frost’s poem Home Burial. In the poem I get a feeling that the husband and wife do not communicate very well. From reading the poem I get the sense that Amy, the wife, wants her husband to automatically be aware of what she is feeling and why, however that is not fair. It is impossible for anyone to know exactly how one feels without asking. I can tell by this passage, “My words are nearly always and offense/ I don’t know how to speak of anything/ So as to please you” (Home Burial, 48-50), that the husband really wants to support his wife by understanding her pain, although, the wife seems to get very angry and irritated when the husband even asks and tries to make an effort, “But I may be taught” (Home Burial, 50) 2. “Three foggy mornings and on rainy day/ Will rot the best birch fence a man can build” (Home Burial, 95-96). To me, this quote could mean two different things. It could simply be the husbands coping mechanism, which is distracting. He could be saying this to keep his mind off the loss of his child. If this is the case, then this shows that his character is trying to hide his pain. Perhaps he feels the need to be the strong one since his wife cannot be. On the other hand, this quote could also be the husband’s way of understanding the death. He stated that the best birch fence could rot so easily by fog and rain, and in a way that is what life is like as well. Life can be easily taken away by natural causes, and
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