Robert Frost 's ' The Mountain '

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Robert Frost one of the greatest American poets, was a bridge between man and reality, whether it be cruel or pleasant, always connecting the two in some essence through his poetry, utilizing a conversation style, reinforcing his admiration of conversation presenting his portrayed beliefs more conflicted than one shall expect. He depicts a common theme and style within his poems, specifically the "The Mountain" which is a contrast between young and old, when a young visitor comes to a village and is astonished at an old man 's lack of curiosity about the mountain that stands at its edge, and “An Old Man’s Winter Night” a poem about an old man’s loss of memory, having no recollection of his purpose or identity. Not only is the old man isolated in body, he is isolated in mind where the memories of past happiness cannot comfort him.
In "The Mountain” Frost speaks from the perspective of the younger voice in the conversation, creating a contrast between the young and the old .Beginning with an encounter between a young fellow who is going by a town and is charmed by an enormous mountain with a village at its base and a farmer, an older man who has lived there all his life. Astounded at the old man 's absence of interest and lack of curiosity towards the mountain that stands at its edge, Frost enters effectively into both men 's perspectives , communicating the young man’s excitement and curiosity as the old man tells him about the spring and the path that is so rarely…
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