Robert Frost 's Writing Style

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Robert Frost once said, “The figure a poem makes. It begins in delight and ends in wisdom... in a clarification of life - not necessarily a great clarification, such as sects and cults are founded on, but in a momentary stay against confusion” ("Robert Frost Quotes"). This same kind of thinking opened the door for metaphorical poetry that helped to show the poets transparency. His love for the social outcast and the struggles of his life are exhibited greatly in his poems. Robert Frost helped to create a new writing style through his many trials that not only affected the people of that time, but helped to inspire others to follow in his writing footsteps. Who would have thought that a four time Pulitzer Prize winner would have gone forty years an unknown (“Robert Frost”)? Robert Frost’s story begins on March 26, 1874, in San Francisco, California (“Robert Frost”). Robert Frost was born to William Frost and his Scottish mother, Isabelle Moody (“Robert Frost Poetry”). After eleven years of living there, Frost’s father passed away, causing him, his mother, and sister to move to Lawrence, Massachusetts. This is where he graduated in 1892 with his Co-Valedictorian and high school sweetheart, Elinor White (“Robert Frost”). Two years later, while attending Dartmouth University, Frost had his first work published, “My Butterfly: An Elegy” (“Robert Frost”). Following his first accomplishment, the next year Robert Frost married Elinor White and conceived their first child,
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