Robert Frost's Analysis On The Theme Of Nature In Modern Poetry

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Analysis on the Theme of Nature in Modern Poetry Poetry has undergone many transformations in the history of literature. Modernism is an era of literature during the twentieth century after World War One. Modern poetry has four elements including new form and style, new themes and use of words, new modes of expression and theme of nature and its meanings. Modern poets whom use nature as their theme have different ways to go to the extreme of realism by showing the private, psychological, imaginary, and the neurotic description of the world (“Modernist Poetry”). Nature poets also use the theme of nature to describe their view of society and humankind in a nature setting. Robert Frost and Thomas Hardy are both major modern poets that use the theme of nature in their work. Frost uses the theme of nature to enlighten the challenges of life and Hardy uses the theme of nature to portray to both melancholy and passive regret of the irrevocable passage of time. One poet who uses the theme of nature in his work is Robert Frost. Frost was born in San Francisco, California. He worked as a professor and farmer, while also trying to start his writing career. By the age of forty Frost has yet to get a book of poems published. Frost and his family move to London where his first book of poems A Boy’s Will is published. He eventually moves back to the United States because World War I began and buys a small farm in New Hampshire. He eventually has a very successful writing career
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