Robert Frost's Three Things I Ve Learned About Life

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“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on,”- Robert Frost. It was a moment of happiness, everyone was carrying a smile on their face. The village was decorated with lights on each and everyone’s house. People were cheering, dancing, and sharing their happiness. Kids were fighting for food. I was 8 years old, and that movement made me feel like I was somewhere, which people used to call it “heaven”. My heart was telling me something else but my mind was somewhere. Suddenly, clouds change its phase and start lighting. A baby who was smiling started to cry louder and louder. After few seconds, it starts raining, and people’ were rushing to get inside their house. Two of my friends and I were outside playing in the rain. Let me back up, once we were in a temple, and a priest were reading a Hindu holy book, and he talks about a cleanness of sky waterfall, and he said, “if you feel a sky waterfall with deep of your heart, then you will forget all of your pain, and you will be able to feel a new way of happiness”, and from that movement we always mark his words as life lessons. As we were playing with a cold windy rain, I was lost within a rain. I felt like rain was calling my name, it was…show more content…
That day I did not see him. I was scared, tears were falling from my eyes. I screamed calling his name, again and again, another day he used to hear at one call, but they day he did not hear me. I went closer to my Grandmother and asked her “where is Grandfather”, she did not answer me, and she starts crying. I asked everyone and no one answered me. I was left over with only one choice, and it was to uncover the white clothes. I slowly start moving forward, and I reached near, I closed my eyes and slowly grabbed the clothes. And I saw my Grandfather underneath it dead. I was unconscious and my friend pours water on me and wakes me
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