Robert Gross ' The Minutemen And Their World

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Robert Gross’ The Minutemen and Their World examines a town 's role in the events of the colonial revolution. Specifically that of Concord, Massachusetts in the years before, during and after the Revolution. Gross provides details about the inner workings of town politics, religion, and society for the period. He notes how town’s people’s rivalries and religious fissures occupied the townspeople through the prerevolutionary period. Gross details how Concord was largely absent from the pre-Revolutionary activities of other communities, and then the unification process that occurred as conflict grew closer. By analyzing specific events in the town’s history Goss is able to draw conclusions about why certain events took place leading up to and after ‘The shot heard ‘round the world.’
In the beginning of The Minutemen and Their World Robert Gross explains the political conflict surrounding Concord, Massachusetts prior to the Revolutionary War. Gross explains that because of the “growth of population” the town had been divided into three “quarters” – the East, North and South. It was this distance that troubled the townspeople known as “outlivers.” Because of the location of the town’s center many of the people living on the outskirts of town would have to walk “five or six miles into town” for the Sabbath morning services and their children would have to take this trek for grammar school (37-38). “Eventually, one section after another desired separate status as a town, either…

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