Robert Joe's Success Story Analysis

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After graduating from Princeton, Robert obtained a position in the corporation for public broadcasting. There he was introduced to the television business and served as the public affairs director. He also held two other positions one as director of communications for the urban league of Washington D.C. The other position was a communication director for a congressional representative. He used all of this experience to launch BET in 1980.
This was the first station geared only toward African Americans and during its beginnings only aired for two hours on Friday nights. After some hard work, they finally made a profit in 1985. Later in 1991, they became the only black owned station to be listed on the New York stock exchange. In 1998, Robert
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He decided to change the theme of his stores to get college kids to come to his stores. He got some expensive vines and renamed his place trader Joes. Now trader Joes is making millions of dollars in profits. Now all Joe has to do is relax and smile.
With all of these companies mentioned, the key factor of success is that they all took a risk. This is what made them successful in their respected field. What is different about each of these stories is what the person that started it up went through. However, each of these people had a vision this is the beginning of success. Howard (2016) said year one is about getting your vision on paper. Many of the people mentioned wrote down their visions and followed through with them.
If one company copies another companies entrepreneurial culture that ok. This makes the system continue to create new jobs for people. So whenever a person has an idea they, should try to make it happen. One highlight is that many of these people had little or no many. Some used savings or a retirement account. Vetter (2016) said the franchisee puts together a special financial arrangement whereby they transfer ownership of the franchise into the retirement
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