Robert Johnson Research Paper

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The Rise and Fall of Robert Johnson Destitute, rejected, and alone Robert Johnson seems to be in complete despair when singing “Crossroad Blues.” Robert is acknowledged as “The King of Delta Blues.” Born in Mississippi and known as a dirt poor African-American boy. (Robert Johnson Blues Foundation) he was recognized for his great lyrics, guitar playing and upmost contribution to artists. Robert’s songs and lyrics still live on today in artists such as; The Rolling Stones, that recorded “Love in Vain” and Stop Breaking Down, Cream, who recorded “Cross Road Blue” (renamed Crossroad), Fleetwoord Mac who recorded “Hellhound on my Trail.” (Charlton 7) Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and the Allman Brothers, also great entertainers, recorded his songs (Robert Johnson Blues Foundation). Johnson’s lyrics expressed insatiable desire for wine, women, and song. Recordings were manufactured in makeshift studios such as hotels or office buildings (Charlton 7). Essentially Robert…show more content…
Just as the sun starts to go down the symbolization that life is coming to an end and that it is inevitable that his soul is going down to hell due to the life that he has led. As he looks to the East and West illustrating a possible way to get out of what the inevitable will be for Robert and that is dying alone with no one who cares for him. As one listens to the lyrics of “Crossroad Blues” you can’t help but feel the dismal state that Johnson is singing about and how they seem to pertain to his own personal life. Ironically, two years after Johnson recorded the “Crossroad Blues” his lifestyle was responsible for his death. At the age of twenty seven 27 years old, it was believed that he was poisoned by a woman he had possibly had an affair with of even by a scorned husband of such a woman ( Unfortunately, for Robert Johnson being known as one of the greatest blue
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