Robert Kennedy Assassination Essay

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The forgotten Kennedy, the unknown brother, the ugly duckling, whatever people have heard about Robert Kennedy is more than likely based on misinformation and not enough knowledge of the subject. Bobby was just John’s henchman. All Bobby did was use his name to get what he wanted. All of these statements are untrue and prove the lack of understanding and attention that Robert Kennedy so desperately deserved, and once he began to get the attention and the limelight that he had fought for for so long, he was assassinated. Robert Francis Kennedy, who was always second to his older brothers, was the Kennedy with the most integrity and passion for truly making a difference. Kennedy was born on November 20th, 1925 in Brookline, Massachusetts. He was born into a family characterized by wealth, power, and entitlement. Both of his parents carried clout in the state and even the nation. His father, Joseph Kennedy Sr., was a successful business man; his mother, Rose Fitzgerald, was the daughter of the mayor…show more content…
Kennedy won over opponent Eugene McCarthy in the California Democratic Primary. Kennedy’s victory speech was given at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles on June fifth. Just after the speech Kennedy was cutting through the kitchen of the hotel when he was shot several times by gunman Sirhan Sirhan (Klagsbrun, 1968). Kennedy died that night at 1:44 a.m, June 6, 1968, at age 42. After Kennedy’s assassination, his family had to rebound from the third major death in the family. After their sister, Rosemary, was lobotomized it was believed to have begun “the Kennedy Curse.” After the lobotomy, tragedy struck the family with three of Rosemary’s brothers, Joseph Jr., John, and Robert. Many other siblings, like Ted Kennedy, the fourth son, got in many nonlethal plane wrecks. It is still rumored that the curse is prevalent today (“Kennedy Biography”,
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