Robert Koch Research Paper

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Robert Koch was a german physician and lived form 1843 through 1910. He showed to be an avid learner from a very young age. Rock taught himself to read a newspaper by the age of five, and showed interest in biology during his high school age. He attended the University of Gottingen in 1862 carrying out in the study of medicine, and received his M.D. degree in 1866. Koch visited various places such as South Africa and German East Africa along with many more to complete his research on diseases. He was third of thirteen children, son of Hermann Koch a minning official, and Mathilde Juile Henriette Biewend. Koch had a child named Gertrude in 1865 with his first wife Emmy Fraatz. Koch and Fraats lived an unhappy matrimony of twenty years until he…show more content…
He was responsible for techniques used to estimate the bacterial number in a solution, simple stinging techniques, for bacterial cells and flagella, along with the technique used to transfer bacteria between media. Robert Koch was the first to use a petri dish, to photomicrograph bacteria, and to photomicrograph bacteria in diseased tissue. These techniques helped him discover his first disease bacilliumanthraxis a bacteria causing anthrax. Other diseases Kock also looked into were Tuberculosis in Berlin and Cholera which he was sent to Egypt to investigate about. Koch being the founder of bacteriology impacted science and microbiology tremendously. He broke out of the normal and experimented to find the bacteria that derived from diseases. His techniques laid out the concept of what was considered the causing agent bacteria. The techniques he used also allowed many scientist to discover the causes of most protozoan and bacterial diseases as well as certain viral diseases. For example, Laveran found protozoan is the cause of malaria and Kelbs found the bacteria responsible for causing
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