Robert Louis Stevenson's Impact on British Literature

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Robert Louis Stevenson ranks in the upper echelons of writers in British literature. He is one of the most popular writers of the nineteenth century. Stevenson had a great range of skill in producing works in the form of poetry, plays, short stories, essays and novels. A variety of aspects of his very own life and personal experiences were implemented into his literary works. The romance novel is that of which he is best became known for. His works are still studied and observed in today’s society. While he is not regarded as “the best” writer in British history, his work still demands respect and deserves appreciation. Robert Louis Stevenson was a talented literary artist that had a significant impact on British literature. Born …show more content…
It was understood that while at the University of Edinburgh, Stevenson would be studying engineering. After his studies, Stevenson’s father hoped that he would begin his profession with the family firm and follow in his father’s footsteps (The RLS Website). Stevenson, however, had a much more “romantic nature” within him, and while supposedly studying for a degree in science and engineering, he spent a majority of his time reading and studying French Literature, Scottish history, and the works of Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer (Poem Hunter). In his twenty first year, Stevenson declared his intention of becoming a writer to his father, Thomas. He received strong opposition on the matter from his father, however (Encyclopedia of World Biography). Stevenson and his father then agreed to a certain type of compromise. His father would agree to accept his intentions to pursue a career as a writer, but would study for a career in law so that in the case that Stevenson’s career as a writer was a failure, he would at least have a profession to fall back on (Poem Saver).
Stevenson was admitted to the Scottish bar in 1875 (Encyclopedia of World Biography).
He “passed advocate” in 1875 but did not even bother to take time to practice because he had made it clear to himself that he wanted to be a writer by then. During the summer, on vacations from the
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